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Amity Frames

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When we announced the Samsara Jump bike, we had an influx of messages asking if we would be doing an aftermarket frame.

Here are some pictures of our first samples.


With inspiration drawn from the samsara frame, the design team worked on some extra features to take it to the next level.

For these unnamed Amity frame samples, we have introduced internally routed brake system from the top tube all the way down to the seat stays. This really does give the frame the cleanest look possible. With Consideration for riders that push the boundaries of wild tricks and manoeuvres, we are trialling the ability to run gyro tabs and a bottom bracket stopper. These small extras will take the performance of the frame to a contest level, allowing you to add that extra bar spin and assuring your cranks will stay put on those extra whips. We admire progression and aim to show this within our products.

These frames are constructed from our bespoke hydroform tubing, utilise our forged dropout with internal chain tensioners and each have one off custom paint finishes chosen by our riders and designers.

Once further testing is complete, we will release more information regarding geometry. Keep up to date with our development of these frames through our news page and socials

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