Back in April, we arranged to meet up with Harry Gascoyne to shoot a first promo video for our up and coming Samsara Dirt Jump Bike.

Harry has been killing it recently and we have always been stoked on how rapidly his style and ability have progressed in such a short period of time. So when he agreed to hang out we were excited to get the cameras out!

As it was a bike Harry was not familiar with, we aimed to make it a pressure free session and just wanted to see him suss it out..... but in typical harry style, he started riding the bike like he had been on it for years. His effortless style and tricks really complimented the Samsara and as you can see from the video, he didn't hold back.

The Samsara will begin shipping around late July and will arrive to the United Kingdom Late September, for more information about this model CLICK HERE

Massive thank you to Harry Gascoyne for sending it on the Samsara, and thank you to Matty Hearn for supplying some extra photos.