Rewind back to 2009-12, Amitybikeco was a staple part of the BMX culture, introducing up-to-the-minute designs and hi-end aftermarket parts to a thriving sport. The brand offered a remarkable line of product with focus on grass roots riding all the way up to the seasoned professionals

Amity begun as a small team of passionate and dedicated bike enthusiasts, functioning out of a chicken shed in Petersfield UK. But the popularity of the brand soon reflected through an ever-expanding team of talented individuals. The Amity rider “team” rapidly evolved into something much more, it was a family – a family pulled from all over the globe, and this is truly evident throughout the many epic videos and road trips produced in such short time.

It was unfortunate that this era had to come to an end, and we were sure this was goodbye for Amity….

2018/19 – Whilst still owning the branding of “Amitybikeco”, we always toyed with the idea of bringing something back…. would it be BMX? Surely not? Although the team here are still very involved in the BMX scene, we had to look at what we really wanted to ride ourselves – build a brand based on what we desired as well as what we want to offer the cycling community.

So with the years that followed, our skilled in house design team got to work on what would come to be our very first bike, the Samsara Dirt jump bike. After 2 years of development and multiple prototypes, the geometry has been fine tuned for what we believe to be the perfect jump bike – due to drop Summer 2022.

We are striving to create high quality and innovative bikes and components. From utilising advanced 3D printing within the early design process, to building bikes from our bespoke hydroformed tubing – ensuring we have 100% say in how frames are constructed, allowing us to get the most out of our bikes in terms of form and function.

Amitybikeco is back, and we are more excited than ever. There is a fantastic team here pushing behind the scenes to create a new vision for the brand which we feel will truly resonate with our customer base. In true Amity fashion, we will be supporting a small bandit of riders and we are stoked to begin this new journey with them.

You can Keep up with us on our Instagram, Blog or Youtube.

Welcome to Amity